I have two live webcams. The first is looking south at the city center from my home in Changzhou. If you would like to see a Picture History of growth in Changzhou since 2005 please check out my "Changzhou Panoramas" page.  The second webcam is looking out on Shoreline Marina in Long Beach, CA. These images are updated every 15 minutes when the internet connection is cooperative, so if you want to see a “current” view later on, just refresh your page and the most recent picture will load.  The time printed on the pictures is the local time that the picture was snapped.  I have integrated information from my weather stations at each site and included a link to view current conditions.  Units of measure are °C for Temperature, kph for Wind, mm for Rain and hPa for Pressure. The numbers in (xx) represent the change in conditions over the last 2 hours.